Still Going!

We have done a TERRIBLE job of staying in touch.  But we are doing pretty well!  Just heading back from dinner.

We currently have two times more pages than we had at the end of Saturday last Movie in a Weekend – clocking in at 24 pages at 10pm.  We expect to have 30 before heading to bed tonight.  We would be really excited to have 35.  Forrest is writing the dialogue heavy scenes and I am focussing on the action heavy ones.  (If you read that as a euphemism for I got stuck writing all the sex scenes, you are very perceptive!)

The film is feeling well paced, and has as much high octane sex as we can stand (and honestly more than).  The characters are shaping up to be likeable.   We did end up naming our leads with a Scattergories die again.  It actually seems to be a beneficial way to name characters, if a name doesn’t immediately jump out.

Our only real concern is that we may come in terribly short on page count.  I am shooting for 117 pages or just under 2 hours, which seems to be the typical length of this type of film.  Forrest thinks if we get to 105, we are still well within the standard.   He is almost certainly right, and I should probably start to manage expectations now.  After all, our plot is a lot less convoluted than most erotic thrillers – that sounds judgy, and I only half mean to.  I only mean to say, our story relies much more heavily on character than plot.  The premise doesn’t require much shoehorning to get to the heart.

Back into the trenches.  We’ll check in again before heading to bed!


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