Movie in a Weekend

Two LA writers set out to write the most epic screenplay imaginable in a mere sixty hours, but the price may be steep — risking sleep, happiness, and the longterm effectiveness of coffee.  Will they prevail?  Check in July 21st-23rd 2017 to find out.

Finished Scripts:

March 10th-13th, Period Comedy, When their plane goes down over Prohibition-era Kentucky, a sharp-tongued adventurer and her reluctant biographer are forced to set aside their animosity and work together to get back to New York.

Read it here: Off the Record

April 21st-24th, Erotic Thriller (disavowed! incredibly graphic!), A young couple agrees to let an eccentric millionaire watch them have sex, but when she becomes obsessed with them, they realize easy money never is.

Read it here: Patronage

April 28th – 30th –  Swashbuckler, When the young King of Livonia is kidnapped, a dashing noblewoman sets out to rescue him.

Read it here: The Lady Minerva

May 26th-29th, Buddy Comedy, A straight-laced FBI agent and a free-wheeling State Trooper team up to bring down a white supremacist group.
Read it here:The Interchange
June 16th- 18th, Romantic Comedy,  Sparks fly when a hotshot Hollywood actor and a classically trained theatre actress team up for a New York stage production of Macbeth.
Read it here: Lost and Won