Saturday Check – In

This is a slow start Saturday.  We spent the morning re-reading and re-structuring.  Let me lay out a little bit about what exactly we are doing:

Last year I wrote a romantic comedy that is passable, but not great.  There are some truly funny moments, but the relationships feel a little rushed.  Forrest and I decided it might play better with a little breathing room, as a television show.  So we re-tooled it and used the first 25 minutes as a pilot episode.  We built a rough pitch deck and one of my co-workers was kind enough to give notes — help us see where it can be stronger, and how to forecast a trajectory for the characters/plot in a way that is saleable.

The romcom was passed around with this logline: When her life unravels, a popular radio DJ is forced to move into her sister’s dorm, where with the help of a hunky professor she discovers that her second shot at college could also be her second shot at love.

So.  As a TV show, the radio DJ and the hunky professor are getting fluffed up and teased out, and the sister relationship can get a real deep dive.  The a story of the romance will remain the focus, but we also get to introduce zany side characters into the crucible, and really build a world.

It really is playing better, but it comes with new complications.   We are ironing all of them out now.  Come Sunday, we will have a polished pilot and a revised and fleshed out deck, complete with a first season arc, and ideas for seasons two and three.  It is kind of fun to crystallize what we’ve taken away from writing Movie in a Weekend, and seeing what techniques stick: for example, rolling a die to decide things is maybe too arbitrary, but the act of listmaking possible outcomes is amazingly useful.  And sometimes any decision is the best decision.  It can always get edited later….


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