Back to Work!

We are actually ahead of schedule!  We decided to take a midday break at lunch time instead of a dinner break, so we left the house!  Yay! Before we broke, we finished a treatment.  Now, Forrest is working on adding sluglines in while I write all of you lovely people!

We are both in a sort of strange trance.  We are pleased with our story and our treatment in general, but we are having a hard time feeling excited.  Being the talkers we are, we discussed reasons that might be: we think that it really is the genre.  We generally aren’t snobby – we LOVE the 1999 Brendan Fraser “Mummy”, goofy RomComs like “Friends with Benefits” or “Miss Congeniality”  and were even super excited for “John Wick” – but those films have a strong sense of adventure and hope.  This genre exists in the shadows of shame, deviancy and danger.  Instead of choosing to do the RIGHT thing in bad circumstances, the people in erotic thrillers choose to do the WRONG thing, causing their bad circumstances.  Anyhow.  This is a purely academic problem, and one we don’t really have the time to deeply consider.  We are doing our best to get the f*#k over ourselves and just write the damn movie.

The good news is, after our initial freak out, we have run into very few issues, and are now plugging away at a pace that should allow us to sleep a pretty normal amount the rest of the weekend.

Tune in a few hours to read our first scenes!  We’re starting out with a literal bang…

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