Thoughts on the Weekend

So — we’ve slept (a little) and now we’re back to real life.  Abigail’s at work and I’m…looking for work.  (The life of a freelancer.)  We’re both pretty exhausted, but while it’s still fresh in our minds we’re each trying to type up a post-mortem post.  Just a look at how the whole thing went, and what we’re thinking about it.

Overall the experiment seems to have been a success.  In the broadest terms, we set out to write a movie in a weekend and we managed it.  It’s tough to say whether it’s any good, but I’m pretty sure it’s not bad.  And that’s something, at least.

I can’t tell, though, to what degree we just got lucky.  We seem to have sort of fallen into characters we liked and a plot that worked.  Is that because we really were able to come up with them on the spot, or because we pulled a genre and period we had an affinity for?  If we did this again but pulled other things, would we still be able to pull it off?  Clearly we’ll have to give it a shot.

The biggest takeaway from this weekend, for me at least, is that I’m capable of working much faster than I often do.  That’s not to say that it’s an especially good writing practice to rush through things, but there are times (many times) that I stare at a blinking cursor for hours on end, waiting for “inspiration.”  This weekend more or less exposes that as needless agony.


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