More Movies in a Weekend?

I’m taking lunch work, so this will be brief.  A more in depth post-mortem to follow this evening.

So – This screenplay actually worked out, but so many things went right for us!  Can we recreate the experiement? I am tired, but exhilarated. So much so that we’ve  decided we should do a Movie in a Weekend for a year!!!  Meaning 12 of those 16 genres will be written in the next 11 months.  We have chosen dates and everything:

March 10th-13th – Comedy, Period – Success

April 21st-24th – TBD – ??
May 26th-29th
June 16th-19th
July 28th-31th
August 18th-21th
September 15th-18th
October 20th-24th
November 10th-13th
December 15th -18th
January 19th-22nd

February 16th-19th

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