Another Movie!

The screenplay is written. Forrest is headed through for a final copy edit.  It is clocking in at 85 pages, which is a little short, but pretty close to on par with comparable films.

This one is not as tight as “Off the Record” or as complete as “The Lady Minerva”.  This feels more like a rough first draft than an actual screenplay.  The jokes are not punchy enough, and though the story is clean, the characters and scenarios could all use some clean up.

We were pretty unenthused – not because we didn’t like the movie, but just because our minds are elsewhere.  Tomorrow, Forrest goes back to writing his book, and I dive back into a job I’m really excited about.  By the time the next movie in a weekend comes along, our heads will be more in the game.

As far as “The Interchange” goes, it is a good script to have in our back pocket.  It is the most marketable pitch we have, and it will only take a little work to make the whole thing punchier and cracklier.  I’m glad we pulled Buddy Comedy, and I’m generally pleased with the outcome.

Script to follow soon!


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