Goodnight Saturday!

We had a very productive day.  We wrote a comprehensive treatment, got the treatment sluglined, and started the script!

We are writing a little differently this time.  Forrest wrote a scene that we decided would be tonally and architecturally significant (if you are following along with the treatment, I’m talking about the introduction to our heroine, at the fencing school) and then I went back through, tweaked some tone stuff a little, and then we felt pretty much calibrated.  I then went back and wrote the opening scenes while Forrest continued moving forward.

We are now each writing a scene at the same time – and then leapfrogging to the end.  So if Forrest is writing scene 5, I am writing scene 6, then he will jump to scene 8, and I will continue into scene 7.  It seems to be working so far!  We are 25 pages in and through the first act.  We will pick up with Act Two in the morning, and hopefully have a script 24 hours from now.

We are feeling very tired, and very ready for sleeping.  We’ll check back in when we are up tomorrow!




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