So we’ve basically been alternating scenes — i.e., Abigail writes one scene while I write the next scene, then she writes the following scene while I write the one after.  But I say basically because some scenes are longer than others, some bleed together, etc. — so it hasn’t been an exact science.  So before we write each scene we double check with one another.

However.  You may be shocked to hear that sometimes I — I, Forrest — am a little bit…absent minded.  So just now I said, What scene are you writing next?  And Abigail said, The council chamber scene.  And I said, Great!  Then a second later I said, Wait, what scene are you writing?  And she said, The council chamber!  And I said, right, thanks.

Then what did I do?  I wrote the council chamber scene.  Because I’m an idiot.

I’m a lucky idiot, though, and picked a really short scene to screw up.  So it wasn’t ultimately more than a 10 minute hiccup — and what’s more, it’s pretty interesting to be able to compare the two scenes.

We were working from the same treatment, of course, but it’s still funny to note that there are parts of our scenes that are almost identical.  (“Stodgy”?  For real?)

We both agreed that Abigail’s version is the more useful, so we used that one.  But for the curious and easily amused, here are both versions — can you guess whose is whose?

accidentally alternate council chamber scenes

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