What We Learned

So.  We did in fact finish another movie in a weekend.  A testament either to our resilience, or obstinacy.  Probably a little of both.   It is a tiny bit short still, but not enough that we care to continue writing.  We don’t even really feel accomplishment.  Which is sort of depressing.

We HATED this experience.  This was not nearly as fun as writing our happy go lucky period comedy.  That movie was exactly what we love about movies – hope, excitement and romance.  This movie is everything we hate about them – gratuitous, pretentious, and now twenty pages (minutes) longer than it needs to be.

We did learn from the experience though.  The first thing we learned is that we aren’t really the guns-for-hire we felt like we could be.  I mean, we can crank out movies we have no particular inspiration for, but we can’t really write in genres we abjectly hate.  At least not while still being happy healthy humans.  (neither of us really ate anything all weekend.  and we didn’t leave the house. not because we were working too hard, but because we were moping)

So this weeks script is basically a wash – maybe a useful thing to have at the WAY WAY back of our portfolio, but not something we are going to want to lead with, and something we do not want to get pigeon holed into writing.  Because of that, we’ve decided we should do two things:

1) go through and pull all the slips out of the cup, pretending that we are writing them, and throwing away any of them we aren’t immediately excited by. (spoiler probably anything with either “erotic” or “thriller” are going away)

2) write another movie next weekend.  one that can actually go into a rotation of 12 scripts that were penned in a year.

So, join us for more adventure (hopefully literal adventure!) next weekend!

Now, Veep, Silicon Valley and bed.

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