Sorry for the radio silence!  So.  This was an epic.  We nearly despaired, we nearly drowned, we nearly gave up and went home.  We read synopses of every high-grossing erotic thriller made in the last thirty years, we read critical essays celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Basic Instinct” and lamenting the decline of the genre, we somehow ended up with potential plots involving Nazis, incest, and Siberian (not Serbian) gangsters.  But we persevered and somehow made it through to a reasonably decent premise.

Part of the difficulty is that erotic thrillers just aren’t really made anymore.  Part of the difficulty is that we pooh-poohed the genre, and lamented dedicating a precious one of twelve weekends to what is “only a step above a slasher movie”.  Luckily we got over ourselves, and realized that it absolutely can be a relevant genre.  Particularly with a female sexual empowerment bent.

The idea we ended up with touches on the immense debt of millennials coupled with the sexual agency brought on in the height of the erotic thriller.  We are going to lean into the generational differences in ideas about sex.

So!  Off we go! Logline to follow shortly.

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