Day One Recap

OK!  We’re tired so we’re going to bed.  But a quick recap of day one.  Basically, it went smoothly.  For the second time in a row, we pulled a genre that threw us for a big ol’ loop — but I think we recovered reasonably well.

Things feel about on par with last time, on the whole.  We’re doing a much worse job blogging (sorry), but a marginally better job writing.  We have a sort of relaxed confidence this time around, predicated upon the basic reassuring fact that we now know it is for sure possible to write a movie in a weekend.

So as we go to bed we have characters, a setting, a log line, and the first act of our treatment.  Last month, we weren’t to where we are now until about noon on Saturday — so that’s cool.  All seems to be well.

Till tomorrow!


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