End of Day 2

We’re calling it a night.  We didn’t get as far as we’d planned on the draft — we’re halfway through Act One rather than Act Two, so we’ve got 12 pages instead of 50-odd.  But what can you do?  We’re pleased with what we do have, and reasonably confident that the pace will pick up tomorrow.  Early dialogue is always hard — establishing the overall rhythm of the patter, as well as characters’ individual rhythms of speech, takes time.  The deeper in you get the easier it is to write.

(Forrest wrote that.  Abigail then interjected, “Is that really true, though?  I feel like the third act is always the most difficult to write.  And it’s easy to lose momentum about halfway through the second act, too.”  In which statements Forrest was compelled to acknowledge a degree of truth.  So we’ll see.)

At any rate, sleep now.


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