So, we’ve reached our first missed deadline.  We did NOT get through the second act by 2pm.

We are chugging along, though, and should be through the film by the 6 o’clock mark, if we continue working hard.  The tangle of the second act is really slow going though!  Below is what we’ve gotten to by 2pm:

Act II:

In the plane.  Gil, it turns out, is afraid of heights.  He berates Frankie for running out of the party and running away.  She berates him for coming with her.  He wants to know what she was thinking, anyway.  She says that she’s decided to take a little adventure on her own before the highly publicized Amazon expedition.  He demands to know where they’re going.  She says that she was just planning on flying west until they run out of gas — which, she notes calmly, is going to happen rather sooner than expected.  In the excitement of the chase she didn’t have time to fuel up.  He’s apoplectic and yells at her to turn the plane around before they crash.  She flatly refuses.  As the sun rises over the Blue Ridge Mountains, the engine sputters and dies.  Gil is certain they’re going to die.  With perfect composure Frankie glides the plane to gentle crash landing in a cornfield.  They get a little banged up, but the plane’s much the worse for wear — definitely unflyable.  Even if Frankie were a mechanic, which she cheerfully informs Gil she’s not, she wouldn’t be able to fix it.

Gil bemoans his lot, and Frankie begins to change out of her gown.  Gil is scandalized and runs behind the plane to give her privacy.  When she’s dressed more sensibly, she begins walking toward a small town they saw from the air.  Gil follows, limping outrageously and complaining the whole way.  They reach a dirt road.  They hear a roaring coming down it, and a jalopy hurtles around the bend.  Frankie has the foresight to step out of the way, but Gil is almost flattened.  He leaps backward and falls in a puddle.  The jalopy slams on its brakes and a 16 year old boy hops out.  He’s furious, blusters at Gil for not watching where he’s going.  Changes abruptly upon seeing Frankie and realizing she’s a woman.  Becomes bumbling and courtly.  Introduces himself as Ned Pickering and offers them a ride.  They get into the jalopy and he floors it.  As they’re thrown backwards they notice cases of moonshine in the back.  Gil demands if Ned’s a bootlegger just as the sirens become audible behind them.   Ned proudly declares that he and his brothers are the best in the state.  He’s their driver and ain’t never been caught yet.  He’s on his way to New York with a delivery.  Frankie tells him that’s where they just came from before their plane crashed.  Ned’s delighted by this news.

The police are gaining on them.  Gil is furious, but Frankie’s thrilled by the adventure.  Notices that there’s a tommy gun on the dashboard.  Says, “May I?” and begins shooting out the window at the cops.  Gil screams at her to cut it out.  The cops start shooting back.  Gil takes cover among the moonshine jars as bullets smash through the rear windshield.  Frankie shoots out the cops’ tires, and the jalopy pulls safely ahead and disappears around a bend.  Ned pulls into a barn to change cars.  Two men begin unloading the crates and Ned makes sure his passengers are alright.  Frankie’s never been better, but Gil’s left sleeve is covered in blood.  He’s been shot in the arm and didn’t notice until someone points it out.  It’s a flesh wound, and Frankie is rather jealous that he’s been wounded in battle — but Gil is convinced he’s dying, and makes so much fuss over it that the eldest Pickering brother tells him he’d better go see Doc Ignatius.  No one offers to drive them, though, so Gil and Frankie bid farewell to the bootlegging brothers and begin walking to the doctor.

Back in New York, Sam Naylor is meeting with a private investigator.  The PI’s name is Ernst Rosen.  He’s a German WWI hero who didn’t like the direction things were headed back home, so he moved to Brooklyn.  Sam hires Ernst to find Frankie.  Ernst leave’s Sam’s office and on his way out of the house runs into India and Charlie, still dressed to the nines, coming home from the ball.  India cries “Ernst darling!” and throws herself into his arms.  Charlie is nonplussed, and sees himself out.  It turns out that India met Ernst in a speakeasy weeks ago and never expected to see him again.  She drags him out to breakfast.  Ernst excuses himself and goes to a phonebooth.  He calls up his pal Percy Pierson, a newspaperman, and tells him he’s got the scoop of the century.  Then he goes back to the table to eat with India.

Match cut to Kentucky, where Frankie and Gil are eating breakfast with Doc Ignatius.  Gil’s left arm is in a sling.  Doc Ignatius, a kindly country doctor, asks them who they are and what they’re doing.  Frankie explains briefly, but sensified by a good cup of coffee and satisfied by their morning adventures, she sighs and says that she supposes they’d better start heading back to New York.  There’s a fundraising gala for the Amazon expedition the in two days that she really has to be there for.  Daddy’s rich, but not quite rich enough to singlehandedly fund all her expeditions.  Gil is bemused and a little annoyed that she spent so much effort getting out of New York only to go right back.  Frankie tartly asks him if he wants to stay here.  Gil hastily demurs.  Frankie asks Doc Ignatius where they can get a plane.  Doc Ignatius laughs and says there aren’t any planes nearby, but that they can catch a bus in town.


We’ll check back in when we’re through the act.  Hopefully soon!


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