Plugging away

Kind of literally, plugging away.  We’re just plugging in dialogue to our pretty comprehensive outline.  This portion is a little bit one sided.  We talk through each scene, and then Forrest actually does the typing.  I chime in after he is done with the scene, polishing and suggesting other dialogue.  The characters are really starting to take shape, though! It is really kind of thrilling to hear people who didn’t exist 40 hours ago talking, and having a life.

It is going a lot more slowly than I anticipated when I made the schedule.  When either of us write on our own, we get through about ten pages an hour.  We’re moving at about half that speed, but I think we will be doing much less editing on the backend, because two heads are better than one and all that.  This work flow actually seems pretty advantageous – we are pleased with the results thus far.

What this is really teaching me, and I think Forrest too, is that we spend a lot more time than is actually necessary “thinking” about our work.  Of COURSE there are projects that require research, and that benefit from really taking the time to consider every option.  I’m not saying everything we will write ever again  we will write in 60 hours – that sounds dreadful.  But I do think we will be more decisive and less procrastination prone.  At least while the effects of this experiment hold…  And then it will be time to do this again!

’til later




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